Oasi mosaico 2000 onlus

Oasi Mosaico 2000 Onlus

Oasi Mosaico 2000 Onlus, a non-profit organisation, creates production cycles that combine ability and disability. At Guanzate, in the province of Como and just 30 Km from Milan, it has a biological farm producing soft fruits, fruit and vegetables, which are used to produce excellent quality home-made jams and preserves. The products can be purchased from the farm shop, and it is also possible to book guided tours in order to see how this form of social agriculture works in real life, take part in course activities and end the experience with a buffet tasting session.

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Contacts 活动 Oasi Mosaico 2000 Onlus Via 11 Settembre 1 22070 Guanzate 031/899757 oasi.arcipelago@cooperativamosaico.it

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