Ghezzi ester

Ghezzi Ester

After travelling around Europe for several years with Italian tourists, Ester Ghezzi has been enthusiastically working as a guide in her city since 1998. Visiting Milan with someone who knows it and loves it will add extra value to your trip! There's all of Milan to be discovered, on foot, by bike or on a historic Vespa. Ester also organises themed itineraries, shopping trips, walks in unknown parts of the city, or tours that are tailor-made for your requirements. Run in French, English and Dutch, local specialist in the province of Milan.

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Contacts 导游 Ghezzi Ester 347/7701285
  • 使用语言:英语
  • 使用语言:法国
  • 使用语言:荷兰人
  • 认证:米兰省

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