Bozzolo fiamma

Bozzolo Fiamma

A History of Art graduate from Milan, Fiamma Bozzolo has been working as a tourist guide since 2012. She talks about the history, art and culture of a city that's always been undervalued. In particular she organises visits to the Navigli, the canals that have marked Milan's history and economy through the ages, now largely underground, but once the beating heart of local trade routes. You will be able to discover the elegant city centre, as well as the districts most changed by urban renewal. Run in English and French, local specialist in the provinces of Milan, Monza and Brianza.

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Contacts 导游 Bozzolo Fiamma 393/4837263
  • 使用语言:英语
  • 使用语言:法国
  • 认证:米兰省
  • 认证:省蒙扎和布里安扎

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