Bb dell acqua bianca

B&B dell'Acqua Bianca

The B&B Acquabianca is located in Mandello del Lario (Lecco), a town on the Como Lake and situated under the mountain Grigna. The place is managed by Annamaria Scanagatta and her family who every morning prepare a big continental breakfast with local and homemade products served in the main room or on the terrace. The house has a magnificent view of the lake and mountains around. There are two rooms for 2 or 4 persons with private bathroom with shower. The garden is also open for the guests and there is parking for cars and a covered parking for bikes. From the house it's possible to take a few different mountain trails to explore the Grigna regional park. The location is also ideal for aquatic and winter sports. 

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Contacts 住宿加早餐 B&B dell'Acqua Bianca Via dell'Acqua Bianca 1/1 23826 Mandello del Lario 0341/700154
  • 花园
  • 独立通道
  • 停车场
  • 房间内提供有简易床
  • wifi
  •  房间数量: 2

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