Bb l affresco

B&B L'Affresco

The B&B L'Affresco is located in the historical centre of Mantua, halfway between the Ducal palace and the Palazzo Te. The house, in a very quiet street, dates from the sixteenth century, which can be seen from the fragments of frescoes that are still visible in some areas. The apartment that holds the B&B is large and bright and still bears the traces of its history. Inside, the property has a garden that's surrounded by ancient walls and by other gardens, offering tantalising glimpses of towers, ancient bell towers, and tall trees, and guaranteeing guests peace and quiet.

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Contacts 住宿加早餐 B&B L'Affresco Via Giovanni De Cani 17 46100 Mantova 349/6200039
  • 无烟室
  • 提供家庭房间
  • 多语种服务人员
  • 吹发器
  • wifi
  • 互联网/wifi
  • 非吸烟者
  •  房间数量: 3
  •  床位数量: 6
  •  最低价格: 40
  •  最高价格: 150

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