Osteria del conte

Osteria Del Conte

Osteria del Conte is for those who love great cuisine, based on genuinity and high quality ingredients that Chef Riccardo Crepaldi can turn into an unforgettable culinary and sensorial experience: from savage salmon to deer from New Zealand. The sober elegance of the location will amaze those who like peacefulness, privacy and attention to detail. This is the soul of Osteria del Conte.

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Contacts 餐馆 Osteria Del Conte Via J.F. Kennedy 18 24044 Dalmine 035/370063 info@osteriadelconte.eu
  • 残疾人通道
  • 空调
  • 接受宠物
  • 预订包房
  • 腹腔病患者和抑郁症患者的食物
  • 停车场
  • 适合儿童的高脚椅和餐具
  • 多语种服务人员
  • wifi
  • 信用卡
  • 星级餐馆
  • 意大利烹饪特制肉类
  • 意大利烹饪特制鱼类
  • 座位数: 50
  •  休息日: Domenica sera; Lunedì

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