Locanda del biancospino

Locanda del Biancospino

A distinctive feature of the Locanda del Biancospino is the refinement – familiarity combination, which lets the customer feel at home, playing a leading role also in the gastronomic proposal. The traditional cuisine scrupulously follows the four seasons, describing the flavors of their own land during the year. Rounding out the pleasant atmosphere, a wonderful view of the Cinque Terre Val Gandino, enjoyable both from the large veranda inside and outside.

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Contacts 餐馆 Locanda del Biancospino Via Monte Beio 26 24026 Leffe 035/7172161 info@locandadelbiancospino.com
  • 残疾人通道
  • 接受宠物
  • 预订包房
  • 户外桌椅
  • 停车场
  • 儿童菜单
  • 适合儿童的高脚椅和餐具
  • 多语种服务人员
  • wifi
  • 信用卡
  • 意大利烹饪
  • 伦巴第烹饪
  • 座位数: 50
  •  休息日: martedì

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