Ristorante bianca

Ristorante Bianca

What happens when design meets good food? At Bianca Restaurant, near Corso Vercelli in Milan, the attention to the cuisine is equal to the care for the environment, between a contemporary charm and a romantic allure. The leitmotif, of course, is the color white, which makes it always pleasant and relaxing to spend some time here. Bianca Restaurant serves fish, made with carefully selected raw materials. They range from paccheri with red prawns of Mazara del Vallo and pistachios to spaghetti with bottarga of mullet, from amberjack tartare to the raw oysters.

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Contacts 餐馆 Ristorante Bianca Via Panizza 10 20144 Milano 02/45409037 biancaristorante@gmail.com
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  • 座位数: 70

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