Osteria la gallina felice

Osteria La Gallina Felice

The soul of "La Gallina Felice" is Sabrina Nazzari, born in a trunk, who passionately leads the family restaurant that offers the best cuisine of Lombardy and Emilia, joined by tasty vegan and raw food menus. An offer of fine and genuine recipes, where seasonal products are the main characters. The restaurant is an ancient tavern, where were served local meats and wines. Today it is an elegant and welcoming place, full of light and color, with a cellar of biodynamic wines. Try the fresh pasta, traditionally handmade.

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Contacts 餐馆 Osteria La Gallina Felice Via Roma 3 26852 Casaletto Lodigiano 339/6592846 gallina.felice@alice.it
  • 座位数: 25
  •  休息日: lunedì e martedì

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