Trattoria urbana mangiafuoco

Trattoria Urbana Mangiafuoco

"Here, you eat tradition" Mr. Savino Poffa, chef and owner of the welcoming Urbana Eatery, immediately tells us about his passion for the simple flavors and the combinations they make. From a tasty memory of Brescia, only the best ingredients are chosen to maintain the tradition. Plates are prepared on a strict schedule like the kitchens of past times to cook quality products for long periods.

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Contacts 餐馆 Trattoria Urbana Mangiafuoco Via Calzavellia 3/A 25122 Brescia 030/293029
  • 残疾人通道
  • 空调
  • 接受宠物
  • 腹腔病患者和抑郁症患者的食物
  • 儿童菜单
  • 适合儿童的高脚椅和餐具
  • 多语种服务人员
  • wifi
  • 信用卡
  • 座位数: 70
  •  休息日: domenica sera; lunedì

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