Ostello il sentiero

Ostello Il Sentiero

The Ostello Il Sentiero is located in Valle Imagna, in the province of Bergamo, and is divided into six rooms, each one furnished in a different way and with a different capacity, and each one with an ample shower room, WC and personal wardrobes. It also has a fully functional kitchen with adjacent dining-room, a common-room with library, wi-fi and a large outdoor courtyard. The Ostello Il Sentiero provides its guests with that lost link between man and nature, restoring the value of nature and its fruits.

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Contacts 青年旅舍 Ostello Il Sentiero Via Castagni 14 24030 Corna Imagna 334/5743963 info@ostelloilsentiero.it
  • 允许携带宠物
  • 有锁和钥匙的抽屉
  • 出租毛巾
  • 欢迎儿童入住
  • 残疾人房间
  • 厨房/烹饪区
  • 行李寄存
  • 洗衣机
  • 提供床上用品
  • 停车场
  • 可供客人使用的区域
  • 带整体浴室的房间
  •  房间数量: 6
  •  床位数量: 36
  •  最低价格: 17
  •  最高价格: 45

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