Albergo abatjour

Albergo Abatjour

The Abatjour hotel is located a few metres from the natural park of the Mincio River where one finds the beginning of the bike trail that runs along the three lakes of Mantua, reaching the Lake of Garda. Ideal for quiet holidays, rooms furnished in a simple and elegant style, with a touch of technology and modernity. All rooms with TV, Wi-Fi . It is possible to rent bikes with child seats and deals are available with restaurants adjacent to the structure in the historical centre of the city.

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Contacts 宾馆 Albergo Abatjour Via Cremona 27 46100 Mantova 349/8432922
  • 允许携带宠物
  • 空调
  • 无烟室
  • 残疾人房间
  • 付费电视
  • 安全
  • 行李寄存
  • 小型酒吧
  • 机场接送
  • 脚踏车出租
  • 停车场
  • 多语种服务人员
  • 吹发器
  • 房间内提供有简易床
  • 餐馆
  • 阳台/日光浴室
  • 电视
  • wifi
  • 互联网/wifi
  • 非吸烟者
  • 接送服务/接送
  • Bike 提供专用旅游材料(带有地区内所有自行车道和路线的地图), 提供维修套件, 应请求提供的打包午餐, 室内脚踏车存放, 室内脚踏车恢复, 退房后使用的带淋浴的客房
  • Gay 预约宾馆附近的 SPA
  •  房间数量: 18
  •  最低价格: 50
  •  最高价格: 140

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