Tenuta il bosco

Tenuta il Bosco

Discover Tenuta Il Bosco. It's a must for those that love traveling between nature and history. A territory characterized by the green valleys and hills with rows of vineyards, towers and castles, churches and palaces with a story to be told. Tenuta il Bosco offers journeys through the fascinating world of wine that starts with a tour in the countryside to discover native grapes (bonarda, malvasia, barbera) as well as the international (pinot noir), from Oltrepò Pavese. The visit navigates through the cellar for crushing, fermentation, and aging. Particular attention is paid to the cellar for production of the classic method for sparkling wine, "Sancta Sanctorum" from the Tenuta il Bosco. Here, the winemaker will explain, in detail, the various phases of tirage, disgorgement, and the choice of liquer d'expedition. At the end of the visit you'll have the possibility to experience a personalized tasting with pairings of local products.

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Contacts 伦巴第酿酒厂 Tenuta il Bosco Località Il Bosco 27049 Zenevredo 0444/640160 silvia.zantedeschi@zonin.it

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