Distillerie peroni maddalena

Distillerie Peroni Maddalena

An artesian distillery since 1969, it uses the only batch system in Franciacorta with copper steam boilers. It's a biological CCPB certified company since 2011 and has won the 19th Stills of Garda interregional competition for its bio grappa from Groppello del Garda. They host guided visits on reservation where you can admire the stills and barrels in which the grappa is aged. It's a sensorial experience to discover the Italian distillery par excellence, meet the distillers and listen to their secrets. There's a welcome drink on arrival and at the end of the visit you can enjoy a grappa and liquor tasting in the show room along with typical local products. Don't forget to grab some unique products from the showroom.

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Contacts 伦巴第酿酒厂 Distillerie Peroni Maddalena Via A. De Gasperi 39 25064 Gussago 030/2770640 info@distillerieperoni.it

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