Azienda agricola travaglino

Azienda Agricola Travaglino

In the picturesque setting of the Montferrat hills, around the town of Casale Monferrato, there are the winery and the vineyards of the farm Ermenegildo Leporati. The vineyard owners, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, play with passion the entire job, from plantation to bottling. The main wines are Pinot Noir, Barbera, Chardonnay and Grignolino. Some of the most valuable are matured in oak barrels. Upon request, the wine tasting can be accompanied to the "Flavours of Monferrato". Possibility of shopping in the basement or home delivery.

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Contacts 伦巴第酿酒厂 Azienda Agricola Travaglino Località Travaglino 27045 Calvignano 0383/872222

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