Oasi del viandante

Oasi del Viandante

In the north of Lake Como, on a short stretch of exposed coast to the south, you'll find this jewel dedicated to those who love the lake, nature, and stunning views. The position is ideal for skiing, taking a stroll, and enjoying water sports. The apartments are welcoming, comfortable, and functionable. Within the structure you'll discover the pool, solarium, restaurant, and parking.

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Contacts 住所 Oasi del Viandante Via Valvarrone 17/B 23824 Dervio 0341/850111 info@oasidelviandante.com
  • 允许携带宠物
  • 空调
  • 更换床上用品
  • 残疾人房间
  • 厨房/烹饪区
  • 独立通道
  • 洗衣机
  • 停车场
  • 吹发器
  • 露天游泳池
  • 房间内提供有简易床
  • 日常清洁服务
  • 阳台/日光浴室
  • 电视
  • wifi
  • 互联网/wifi
  • 游泳池
  •  最低价格: 50
  •  最高价格: 165

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